Strategically positioned on the slopes of Fruška gora in the village of Krušedol, apple orchards cover an area of 40 ha. During the planting, we used exclusively certified nine-month and knip seedlings that were planted at a distance of 3.2 × 0.8 m and 3.2 × 0.6 m. The orchards are directly connected to the main road and highway.

We plant the following varieties: Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Gala and its clones (Gala King, Gala Schnico, Gala Schnico Red, Gala Mitch).


We respect all standards of integrated production. Before vegetation, we determine the level of nutrients in the soil and ensure the optimal level of N:P:K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium). We start the top-dressing with mineral fertilizers, and we deliver the rest of the nutrients by fertigation and foliar application of fertilizers.

For optimal soil moisture and regular supply of apples with water, there is a computerized network of drip irrigation systems, which draws water from the deep veins of the fertile Fruška gora. The quality standard of all production processes is also confirmed by the GLOBAL G.A.P. certificate. Certificate number: 00105-LTFVV-0002.


For high and quality yields, it is important to dedicate yourself to seedlings in the right way. By pruning, we regulate the yield in the current and next year, thus rejuvenating our apple seedlings, and in return we get the optimal number of quality fruits on the tree. Until the key moment of the harvest, we also perform other operations such as taking care of the adequate amount of humus in the soil, fruit protection and thinning, weed control, mowing and removal of shoots.


In order to get healthy and quality fruits, it is essential to protect the apple from many causes of fusarium diseases as well as many harmful insects that feed on it. The task of our agronomists is to produce the highest quality fruits with the most rational use of plant protection products as well as the preservation of our fertile lands.


Harvesting is the sweetest part of a carefully constructed process. Varieties enter the harvesting process at different decades of ripening. A very dynamic and interesting process of monitoring the degree of ripening of varieties happens under the watchful eye of our agronomists. Using different methods, we determine the optimal moment for harvesting.

Carefully harvested fruits reach our ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) cold storage with a capacity of 1500 t. The most modern form of cold storage allows for long-term storage of fruits so they, even several months later, when being taken out of the chamber, do not lose their look and quality.



ULO chambers offer high standards of product storage because they enable fine temperature regulation, humidity regulation and regulate percentage composition of gases in the chamber. This technology slows down the physiological processes in the apple and prolongs its lifespan.

Benefits of ULO technology:
2–4 times longer fruit storage than in classic chambers
Significantly extended period of commercialization – up to the maximum potential of fruit storage
Superior nutritional quality of fruits – reduced loss of sugars, acids and vitamin C
The fruit pulp retains consistency
Limiting and preventing physiological changes in the fruit (injuries, freckles, spots, cracking, watery core, browning, etc.)
Safe and healthy substitute for chemical treatments after harvest


Production facility distance from
Novi Sad is about 25 km
Belgrade is about 70 km
Cold storage facility distance from
plantation in Krušedol is 30 km
Belgrade is 35 km
Batrovci border crossing is 100 km